I am Bavitha, a middleclass housewife with 2 kids. I was an Optometrist and I quit my job after marriage. My family was very orthodox. So, I sacrificed my job and my passion. I always have a guilty feeling of not having a job and depending on my husband for all my needs. So, I decided to do something in my passion area, that is fashion designing. Because I want to be financially independent.

   I was passionate in fashion designing from my childhood. My mother was tailor, so I learned tailoring from her at the age of 12. My brother and I helped her in tailoring to overcome our family debt at that age. My father suffered a lot for us and our education. So, I want to give them a better lifestyle. So, I learned fashion designing and restarted my career as a fashion designer. I have designed over 1000 of dresses for women in the last 5 years.


   Wear the dresses that makes you comfortable and confident. Every woman deserves Unique outfits for every occasion.  We are here to serve stylish and unique outfits which gives you confidence and comfort.